Reading: Blue Lock, Cherry Crush, Wayne Family Adventures, The Black Phone Stories
Watching: Harley Quinn(s4), Sonic Prime(s2)
Waiting for: Heartstopper(s3), The Silo(s2), Invasion(s2), Yellowjackets(s3)


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Photo of the Month

September 2023
Art by Yemsao on Patreon
Actually set up my journal properly and now it's actually linked here!
Edited my Dirk shrine some!
Fixed all the links and added a ton in my resource page! Also spent more time filling up my toybox
Began settin up an area I'm calling my toybox but it's gonna be misc items I own/want like plushes/figures/games etc!
Redid my cottage homepage, I want to redo and actually add more to that section soon
Filled out my Jason shrine more, added the full soundtrack to play on the fantastic mr. fox shrine, added autoplay to my landing and home pages!
Added a ton of stuff to my graphics hoard, updated the photo of the month, and COMPLETELY revamped my shrine directory's layout!
Set up the base and started filling out my Jason shrine. Added some stuff to the Ash shrine!!
Redid my about page, it has a lot more info now! I'll probably still be adding things as I think of them.
Entirely redid the aquarium, I think the page looks much nicer now!
Started setting up a page for my graphics hoard, I've partially filled it but it will be a work in progess forever I think
Completely redesigned a homepage,,maybe I will switch to it but who knows
Fantastic Mr. Fox shrine started, base for Chat Noir, Shadow, and Bachira shrines complete!
ADDENDUM: Chat Noir shrine is fairly filled out, as with everything it probably will never be complete
Added a chatbox to the home page! (unrelated but I rotated my screen and now I'm so annoyed at how my site looks,,,)
ADDENDUM: Started setting up a virtual cottage! Recipe page and garden temporarily complete.
ADDENDUM PT.2: Set up my fav anime page and started my fav pokemon page!(both are linked thru the about page)
Bases for Mulder and Dirk shrines are temporarily done, they still need to be filled in though,,,
Added the update log,,,(digital aquarium and wildlife cam pages were completed over the last few days) Currently working on my shrines.
ADDENDUM: Shrine page base is mostly set up, Ash shrine is temporarily complete.
Hello!! Welcome to my little site that was made for me to just have fun coding! This is still very much a work in progress and probably eternally will be but I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to check out my about page for more info (I'm very bad at writing about myself so it's uh,, lists) and leave a note in the guestbook if you'd like

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